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WoodAnchor™ sliding nuts
WoodAnchor™ sliding nuts
WoodAnchor™ sliding nuts

WoodAnchor™ sliding nuts

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Features & Benefits

  • The heart of the WoodAnchor system, these versatile sliding nuts enable new fixturing solutions for woodworkers.
  • No expensive aluminum T-track is required.
  • WoodAnchor sliding nuts can also be configured as threaded posts, or even linear slides.
  • The large clamping surfaces won't crush wooden fixturing slots.
  • With a low 18 degrees clamping-surface slope, WoodAnchor sliding nuts won't wedge in their slots, or distort thin fixtures.
  • Chamfered corners and rounded edges provide unprecedented smoothness of operation.
  • To keep the sliding nuts properly oriented, alignment pins can be easily installed in removable fixture components.  This greatly improves fixture setup time and convenience.
  • WoodAnchor sliding nuts are made in the U.S.A. by ToolQuest, from domestically-sourced components and materials.


  • ToolQuest part number: KT0108
  • Load capacity
    • Rated working load: 500 lb.
    • Ultimate strength: 2,000 lb.
    • Warning: WoodAnchor sliding nuts are not rated for lifting.
    • Caution: Using WoodAnchor sliding nuts above their rated working load may cause premature failure.
  • Body
    • Length: 1-1/4” (32 mm)
    • Width: 1-5/64” (27.4 mm)
    • Height: 3/8” (9.5 mm)
    • Material: glass-fiber reinforced, engineering-grade thermoplastic
  • Threaded insert
    • Thread: ¼”-20 UNC
    • Material: brass
  • Alignment pin holes
    • For pin diameter: 3/32” (2.4 mm)
    • Center distance from mounting screw: 25/64” (10 mm)
  • Compatible router bit: RB0141



U.S. and International Patents Pending