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A WoodAnchor Premium Starter Kit includes all of the components shown in this photo

Premium starter kit

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Features & benefits

  • Ergonomic clamping knobs set a new standard for comfort and convenience
  • Includes all the hardware needed to experience the full versatility of the WoodAnchor™ system
    • A premium WoodAnchor fixturing-slot router bit - the tooling investment that can pay for itself in a single project.
    • Eight WoodAnchor sliding nuts, with multipurpose fastener hardware
      • Four sets of button-head screw hardware, for clamping fixed-height components to WoodAnchor fixturing slots, and all special hardware required for linear-slide configurations
      • Two ergonomic male clamping knobs and associated hardware
      • Two ergonomic female clamping knobs, with four fully-threaded studs and associated hardware
    • A 36-piece button-head screw assortment, to handle fixed component heights ranging from zero to one inch.
  • The female clamping knob hardware is ideal for use with knee-style hold down clamps.  Use the 2-1/2" threaded studs and the clamp-base washers when clamping thinner workpieces.  Use the 4" threaded studs and the load-distribution washers when reversing the clamps for thick workpieces.

Included hardware


    • ToolQuest part number: KT0145